ottolenghi brunch ∙ food

ottolenghi brunch ∙ food


I decided to make a lot of dishes with vegetables. a brunch is the perfect timing for light dishes, bread and good cheese. I went to my favorite bakery in Antwerp: domestic to get these best baguettes. all the best to combine with Ottolenghi inspired dishes.

I made

∙ sweet potato dip with lime salsa

∙ egg salad with cauliflower and curry

∙ grapes with basil and burrata

∙ tomato carpaccio with spring onion and ginger salsa

∙ carrot salad with yogurt and cinnamon

you can find all these dishes in his cookbook Simple.

my friends were so enthusiastic about this brunch and told me to organize this more often. I’m not sure about this yet but was surprised how relaxed I was while planning and cooking and how much I enjoyed seeing other people love eating my food. maybe in the future I will organize more brunches but for now on I leave it when I feel like it.

so I was pretty sad when I didn’t get the chance to meet Ottolenghi in Antwerp. he visited Belgium twice on the same day: Antwerp and Ghent, and I couldn’t go. it’s not me to just sit down and do nothing, so I decided to throw a Ottolenghi brunch for my good friends on Saturday.

once I got this idea, I was so excited that I dreamt about it twice. the idea really got me. I received his book Simple as a present and loved the pictures and dishes. everything looks so delicious and doable at the same time, it’s a dream.

every second of preparation I enjoyed. I’ve never experienced being this relaxed and self-assured. I choose the dishes, went to the supermarket and was so ready to cook!



OTTOLENGHI brunch ∙ table

OTTOLENGHI brunch ∙ table